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Businesses face enough hurdles. Fraud may be the last concern you want to worry about, but it’s a worry for every business, as it can result in the loss of significant amounts of money. No matter the size, type, location or industry of your company, you need to be prepared for this issue.

What exactly is corporate fraud? What is the fraudulent activity that businesses tend to face? How can fraud be prevented or detected? By learning how to detect fraud, you can reduce your company’s risk of fraud. Every business should have a plan to detect and prevent fraud, as preventing fraud is significantly easier than recouping losses due to fraud.

11 Types of Corporate Fraud

You can find corporate fraud in many forms, each with different challenges and impacts. Unfortunately, fraud in business is more common than we’d like to think. Businesses may face several types of corporate fraud, such as:

1. Identity Theft

One type of corporate fraud that can cost your company thousands of dollars is identity theft. Identity theft doesn’t just happen to individuals —...


It may not seem like it, but violence in the workplace is prevalent all over the United States. Perhaps it’s because many people think the definition of workplace violence is limited to physical altercations and deaths. In reality, workplace violence can include signs of aggressive behavior, like making threats against or physically shoving a coworker.

Knowing what is considered violence in the workplace is crucial, and if you ever suspect that a coworker may be showing signs of aggression or any behavior that is out of character, it’s best to reach out to a trustworthy authority, such as those in upper management positions or your Employment Assistance Program (EAP).


When you think about a personal security bodyguard, your mind might wander to high-profile business leaders or celebrities. However, bodyguards and personal protection officers aren’t just for the stars — they are for anyone who has safety concerns. According to the American Psychiatric Association, U.S. adults are becoming increasingly anxious. About 40% of adults ages 18 to 34 report that they are extremely anxious about keeping their family safe. Seeking bodyguard services can help alleviate some worries about health and safety.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 3.4 million people work in protective service occupations as of May 2018. Specifically, investigation and security services employ 740,760 people. Bodyguards act as extra eyes and ears to pay attention to everything going on. They are highly trained to read the people around you and...


While mass shootings have happened all over the globe, they are a particularly American phenomenon. Whatever the reason for the shootings — lax gun laws, mental illness, friends or family who know someone may commit a mass shooting but fail to speak out — the term “active shooter” has become a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of people from coast to coast.

While experts and police officers sometimes disagree on the definition of a mass shooting, in most cases, it represents an event where one or more individuals shoot and kill at least four people. Today, it may seem strange to think that before Aug. 1, 1966, there had only been 25 such occurrences in the history of the United States. On that summer day, Charles Whitman went to the observation deck of the Texas Tower at the University of Texas, opened fire and killed 17 people before police eventually took him out.

There was a time when many Americans thought an active shooter incident could never happen in their community. Almost no one believes this now. Newtown, Charlotte, Orlando, Washington, San...


For those that aren’t in the private security industry or have never had their own bodyguard, most of their perceptions are based on what they’ve seen in movies or television. Either they believe that all bodyguards are huge, silent brutes that stand around in suits, or on the other side of the spectrum — Kevin Costner. We’re not saying that these films and shows aren’t entertaining, they are, but they paint a false persona on a profession that requires skill, intensive training, diligence, patience, and an acute attention to detail. This blog post will highlight some of the most common misconceptions about personal security and how false the opinions are. Continue to follow our blog and don’t hesitate to contact us now if you feel that you feel like your safety is in jeopardy and you are in need of a personal bodyguard in Texas.


No matter what the reason, whether your job requires handling valuables or you have a gut feeling that the safety of you and/or your family is in jeopardy, when you hire a personal bodyguard in Texas you want to be 100 percent confident in their ability to do their job. The position requires much more than just standing around looking intimidating. It requires a variety of skills and instincts to ensure the safety of the client.

So what characteristics make up a reliable professional bodyguard? In this post, we’ll give you just a few of the many traits that a personal security guard must have to efficiently do their job. If you’re in need of professional personal protection, don’t waste any more time and contact Tx2 Security today.

Physical Fitness

While a bodyguard doesn’t have to be a hulking behemoth, it is a necessity for him or her to have above average physical fitness. The job requires the bodyguard to stand most of the day, sometimes seven days a week, and also be prepared to perform strenuous...


When the majority of the public thinks about personal bodyguards, their mind immediately jumps to celebrities, politicians, and those of extreme wealth being guarded by hulking goliaths wearing sunglasses. While these are some of the clientele that we serve, this perception isn’t entirely accurate. There are countless other members of society that require private security, and some don’t even realize that it’s a possibility for them.

Immediately upon hiring a personal bodyguard in Texas, not only are our clients surprised by the affordability of our personal protection services, but they realize just how much their mind is put at ease knowing that they have a true professional making sure that they, their loved ones, and their valuables are safe. In this post, we’ll be describing just a few of the clientele that has hired our experienced security personnel to protect them.


At Tx2 Security Group, we’re more than happy to offer you the private investigation and armed and unarmed security services you need in Texas, but we also recognize that sometimes you might find yourself in a situation in which our security officers are not there to help you. In these circumstances, it’s important to have a grasp of basic skills like situational awareness, and, of course, first aid. If you’re not trained in certified in first aid, and feel like it is a skill that isn’t relevant to your life, today’s blog on the importance of first aid may change your mind.

The Role Of First Aid In Daily Life

Accidents happen, it’s just a part of life. Sometimes those accidents are larger than others and may result in the injury of a friend, family member, or co-worker. In these instances, you’ll want to be able to help them to the best of your abilities. In some situations, even the application of basic first aid practices can make a major difference in the event’s outcome.

Knowing First Aid Encourages Action

If you’re at work, and a co-worker cuts...


It’s often said that one of the best ways to keep yourself out of trouble is to never let yourself get in trouble in the first place. This is easier said than done, especially if you’re not practicing good situational awareness. Without it, you might stumble into an experience that is hard to get out of. From muggings to kidnappings and everything in between, you can improve your safety in your life just by being more aware. In today’s blog, the security professionals at Tx2 Security Group will offer you insights into how to improve your situational awareness.


The news is constantly flooded with stories of resolved crimes where the perpetrator is caught, thrown in prison and the family is able seek some sort of resolution knowing the criminal is no longer on the streets. A cold case, on the other hand, is a crime or accident that has not been fully solved and is not the subject of a recent criminal investigation. In these cases, it is possible that new information could emerge from new witness testimony, re-examined archives, new or retained material evidence, as well as fresh activities of the suspect.

If you are looking to take your loved one out of the cold case files and make it an active case again, the professionals at Tx2 Security Group have connections and access to all records of unsolved criminal matters. We offer our extensive list of security services in San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin. From cold case investigations to personal protection, security consulting and emergency situation training, read more about all of the expert services we offer,...


As technology develops, accessing information digitally has become easier than ever. There is hardly a day that passes without a new story about data security breaches occurring all over the world. Whether it is a professional spy attempting to steal important information or a hacker seeking attention, the threat is real and not to be taken lightly. If you have been a victim of a data security breach, you know how scary it is when all of a sudden, your most personal information is no longer private.


The world can be a scary place, and as much as we would all like to believe people are generally “good,” there are too many instances of safety breaches and dishonesty to completely let our guards down. Perhaps you have been the victim of identity theft, fraud, infidelity, or a business scam and now find yourself looking back thinking, “I should have known.” If this situation sounds familiar or you are worried about the chances of a security threat, the private investigators at Tx2 Security Group are here to help you and ensure your safety. Our private investigation services include locating missing persons, conducting background checks, examining insurance fraud and much more. The Tx2 Security Group professionals have conducted hundreds of investigations and excel in the field because of their keen minds and critical thinking skills. When it comes to collecting reliable information and conducting thorough investigations, no one does it better than Tx2 Security Group.

If you are thinking about hiring a private...


It’s a common misbelief that personal bodyguards are only for celebrities and famous people. We see it all the time—a celebrity pushing through a crowd surrounded by a team of hefty men in black suits with dark sunglasses. The truth is, bodyguards are right for anyone who feels threatened or worried about their personal safety.

On the surface, it may appear that a bodyguard is merely a suited muscle who can take down an assailant in case of an attack. In reality though, a highly trained, professional bodyguard does so much more. If you have been considering hiring a personal bodyguard or pursuing other personal protection solutions, here are additional benefits of hiring professional security services.

A Bodyguard Sees and Hears All

Bodyguards are skilled at planning ahead and at assessing the safest and most successful ways to pursue things like vacations, trips through town, or reading the layout of escape routes in a venue. If you are constantly on the go, visiting new places and meeting new...

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