Who Needs a Personal Bodyguard?

When the majority of the public thinks about personal bodyguards, their mind immediately jumps to celebrities, politicians, and those of extreme wealth being guarded by hulking goliaths wearing sunglasses. While these are some of the clientele that we serve, this perception isn’t entirely accurate. There are countless other members of society that require private security, and some don’t even realize that it’s a possibility for them.

Immediately upon hiring a personal bodyguard in Texas, not only are our clients surprised by the affordability of our personal protection services, but they realize just how much their mind is put at ease knowing that they have a true professional making sure that they, their loved ones, and their valuables are safe. In this post, we’ll be describing just a few of the clientele that has hired our experienced security personnel to protect them.


You Handle Money/Valuables

If your job requires you to transport, deliver, or simply carry money or valuables, your safety is at risk. You’d be surprised how attentive and knowledgeable thieves are when it comes to this industry. As former Texas State Troopers and with years of experience in the private sector, we will be able to surveil the area, keep a sharp eye on your surroundings, as well as detect any possible threats or suspicious behavior. When you hire Tx2 as your personal bodyguard, your life and your possessions are in good hands.

Public Profile or Attention

Just because you’re not a mega-star, doesn’t mean people don’t have their eyes on you. If you’ve been in the public spotlight for any reason, whether it be winning the lottery, doing an interview on television, witnessed a crime, or any other reason that brought attention to you, then you might want to begin considering private protection.

Recent Disputes

Whether you’ve recently gone through a divorce, had a bad falling out with a friend, or even got into a fight at a bar, you might be at risk. When someone feels hurt, neglected, embarrassed, or let down, oftentimes that grudge doesn’t go away. If you have any suspicion that someone you know wants to cause you or your family harm, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little protection to keep you safe.


Running a business is difficult for many reasons, one of which is that when an employee gets fired, they form a personal vendetta against the executive or CEO, even though they most likely had nothing to do with the termination. People higher up on the totem pole of business often have personal bodyguards to protect them from this threat.

Tx2 Security

Officially founded in 2016 as the only firm with Private Security and Investigation Licenses, Tx2 Security is entirely devoted to the safety and protection of our clients, no matter their public profile or their financial status. With over a quarter of a century of law experience just between the founders and multiple former law enforcement officers on the team, Tx2 Security are the ones to call when you’re in need of a personal bodyguard. Be sure to contact us today.