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In recent years, schools and college campuses have become scenes of previously unknown violence and criminal activities. Protect the young students and employees at your private or public school by hiring Tx2 Security Group as your school security consultant. Using our expertise, we can help you devise the perfect plan to ensure that someone is always on guard at your educational facility.

Talk to Tx2 Security Group today about your school or university security service needs.

Security Guards for School Campuses

As a college campus security company, Tx2 Security Group takes every job seriously. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment where your students can learn, professors can teach, and everyone can benefit from unprecedented peace of mind.

What types of college campus security can our company provide?

  • Round-the-clock, 24/7 security officers stationed proactively around your buildings and grounds.
  • Security personnel for special events, including graduations, fundraisers, festivals, sporting events, and VIP concerts.
  • Surveillance and monitoring of high-risk areas or activities, such as large parties and academic gatherings.
  • Foot patrol throughout campuses and buildings to provide a watchful eye.
  • Liaison between local law enforcement and your college or university.
  • Investigation of potential threats or criminal activity.

Because your campus needs are unique, you may require armed security personnel for other reasons. When you call Tx2 Security Group, talk to us about all the ways we can help your campus stay safer.

Security Services for Private and Religious Schools

Are you concerned about safety on your private or religious school grounds? So are we. Many private elementary and secondary schools hire our team members as private or Christian school security officers.

Having a trained and armed security officer on hand while school is in session helps you minimize dangers and reduce threat risks. Plus, parents considering sending their children to your school will realize that you have taken every protective measure possible to secure your facility.

Do not try to undertake the daunting task of protecting your private, or religious school on your own. Allow the experts at Tx2 Security Group to take on that role. Contact us today to learn more about hiring private school security officers.

University and College Campus Security Officers

What are the benefits of hiring school security officers to patrol and protect your university or college campus?

  • Possibly volatile situations are more quickly and amenably diffused.
  • Your university or college has a bridge to communicate quickly and effectively with law enforcement.
  • Risk of campus violence diminishes, lowering the likelihood of a public relations and safety nightmare scenario.
  • Threats can be stopped before they get out of hand.
  • Even non-human threats, including fire hazards and traffic problems, may be halted thanks to vigilant school security officers.
  • Large events, including graduations and sporting competitions, have safer and more pleasant outcomes.
  • Students, educators, administrators, vendors, and visitors feel more confident while on your campus.
  • High-value assets, such as campus museum artwork and statues, will be protected from theft and vandalism.

Remember that Tx2 Security Group has the ability to completely customize a campus-wide security solution to meet your needs.

Hire a School Resource Officer From Tx2 Security

Improve your school’s safety today with help from experts who genuinely care about exceeding expectations and giving everyone in your sphere of influence peace of mind. Talk to Tx2 Security Group about conducting a school security risk assessment at your facility.

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