Aren’t Personal Bodyguards Only For Famous People?

It’s a common misbelief that personal bodyguards are only for celebrities and famous people. We see it all the time—a celebrity pushing through a crowd surrounded by a team of hefty men in black suits with dark sunglasses. The truth is, bodyguards are right for anyone who feels threatened or worried about their personal safety.

On the surface, it may appear that a bodyguard is merely a suited muscle who can take down an assailant in case of an attack. In reality though, a highly trained, professional bodyguard does so much more. If you have been considering hiring a personal bodyguard or pursuing other personal protection solutions, here are additional benefits of hiring professional security services.

A Bodyguard Sees and Hears All

Bodyguards are skilled at planning ahead and at assessing the safest and most successful ways to pursue things like vacations, trips through town, or reading the layout of escape routes in a venue. If you are constantly on the go, visiting new places and meeting new people, planning safe travel routes and examining the security of future destinations isn’t something you always have time for. Your bodyguard will take care of all research and organization that is required to take you safely from one location to another. This will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also allow you to relax and focus on your work or time with family.

A Bodyguard’s Skillset is Multi-faceted

Yes, if you decide to pursue personal protection services, your bodyguard will be strong and have combat training. However, your bodyguard will also be skilled in weapon and firearm handling, first aid, surveillance and more. This means your bodyguard won’t be clumsy or unprepared if they need to draw a firearm, and in the rare case that you sustain injury, your bodyguard will be able to perform the necessary first aid.

A Bodyguard Assesses Strength of Security

When a burglar or other assailant successfully breaks into a home, four out of five times it is because the house lacked proper security measures. Sometimes a window isn’t closed all the way, the front door is unlocked or an alarm system is unarmed—your bodyguard is trained to find and fix these weak points in your security system. If your windows are always closed, doors locked and alarm system armed, your bodyguard will be able to suggest ways to further improve your home security by recommending things like the installation of surveillance cameras or additional locks on front and back entrances.

A Bodyguard Can Read People and Assess Motives

This goes back to a bodyguard’s skillset being multi-faceted. Bodyguard’s are not only physically strong—they are mentally strong, as well. When you are out in a crowd of people with your bodyguard, you may only see a cluster of bodies, while your bodyguard, on the other hand, is busy examining the body language, movements and characteristics of everyone around you. Professional bodyguards know how to read people and understand motives. This is an extremely important skill because it enables your bodyguard to stay one step ahead of everyone else, thus potentially preventing an incident before it even occurs.

A Bodyguard is a Surveillance Expert

The World Health Organization defines surveillance as the “systematic ongoing collection, collation, and analysis of data and the timely dissemination of information to those who need to know so that action can be taken.” And the professional officers at Tx2 Security Group are highly trained in both surveillance and counter surveillance measures. Bodyguards are experts at staying ahead of the curve, meaning they must knowing everything about everything at all times. If you are being stalked or blackmailed, your bodyguard will implement multiple surveillance techniques to learn about the criminal who is jeopardizing your safety. Once all information is collected, the bodyguard will create a clear plan of action to protect you fully.

Tx2 Security Group Personal Protection Services

If you have been considering heightening your personal security measures, the experienced professionals at Tx2 Security Group would be happy to provide with you a free consultation to establish the best plan of action for maximizing your personal safety. No one wants to be constantly looking over their shoulder or living in fear. Tx2 Security Group will help improve your quality of life by offering discreet protection services provided by our highly trained officers. Our officers have gone through rigorous vetting processes, thorough background investigations and are proficient in combat, firearms, surveillance, counter surveillance and first aid. Our priority is your safety, and you will sleep soundly at night knowing a Tx2 Security Group official has your back.

For more information or to receive your free consultation today, give us a call or fill out a contact form and one of our experienced professionals will be in touch. We look forward to working with you and are pleased that you trust the highly trained officers at Tx2 Security Group for all of your safety needs.