What Makes a Good Personal Bodyguard

No matter what the reason, whether your job requires handling valuables or you have a gut feeling that the safety of you and/or your family is in jeopardy, when you hire a personal bodyguard in Texas you want to be 100 percent confident in their ability to do their job. The position requires much more than just standing around looking intimidating. It requires a variety of skills and instincts to ensure the safety of the client.

So what characteristics make up a reliable professional bodyguard? In this post, we’ll give you just a few of the many traits that a personal security guard must have to efficiently do their job. If you’re in need of professional personal protection, don’t waste any more time and contact Tx2 Security today.

Physical Fitness

While a bodyguard doesn’t have to be a hulking behemoth, it is a necessity for him or her to have above average physical fitness. The job requires the bodyguard to stand most of the day, sometimes seven days a week, and also be prepared to perform strenuous activities, such as running or physical intervention when necessary. If they’re not in good health, the safety of the client is at risk.


Situational Awareness

One of the most crucial components of being a personal bodyguard is the ability to read the environment. This comes not only through innate instincts but also through intensive training. It’s their job to be able to immediately notice any kind of suspicious behavior in a crowd and to spot any potential threats in the vicinity. They do this by reading body language, facial expressions, odd behavior, and countless other warning flags. At Tx2 Security, all of our personnel is highly trained in surveillance and situational awareness so that they can keep a 360° watch over their client.


Trust and dependability between the personal security agent and their client are key. They are entrusting their safety and their life at the hand of the bodyguard, and if they don’t have trust in their guard, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll feel like they’re getting the protection they need and will still feel in danger.

Good Judgment

Through training and experience comes good judgment. A bodyguard must be able to make the right decision in an instant, for oftentimes there is not enough time to stand back and analyze the situation and decide what the appropriate actions must be. In an instant, they must know the correct way to handle the moment and make sure that their client is protected.

Tx2 Security

While there are numerous other attributes that a personal security guard needs to have in order to perform their duties, these are a few of the basics that are also necessities. At Tx2 Security Group, our officers are highly-trained in the use of firearms, physical combat, surveillance, first aid, and much more. We ensure that each and every member of our personal bodyguards are efficient in every facet necessary to perform their job and are prepared for anything while in the field. If you’re in need of personal protection in Texas, you want the most skilled guards in the industry and you’ll find them at Tx2 Security. Contact us today.