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Armed Security Officer (Level III)

Tx2 Security Group is known for providing highly trained and disciplined armed security guards. We go above and beyond the required standards for our officers and ensure that extra rigorous training is completed and applied with the utmost care and professionalism. We set ourselves above other security companies because the majority of our commissioned security officers are Texas Police Officers. We implement the same use-of-force continuum that other law enforcement agencies use. These policies describe an escalating series of actions an officer may take to resolve a situation.

Our commissioned security officers are authorized to carry firearms and have completed advanced security training, ensuring we comply with all guidelines that an individual must follow to carry a weapon on duty. A commissioned security officer has a strong sense of integrity, is extremely aware of his surroundings and is able to stay calm and level-headed in life threatening situations. An armed security guard is highly recommended in locations where: Large sums of money are involved, valuable and expensive items are in need of protection, and a higher level of security is needed.

Armed Security Guards for High Net Worth Individuals

Having armed security officers does not just offer peace of mind. It also provides a layer of protection in the event of an actual threat or violent act. Knowing that an exceptionally trained security officer with a gun is on hand helps diffuse or minimize situations that could lead to threats, injury, or worse.

Another benefit to having armed security officer protection on hand is that it acts as a deterrent. Seeing a Level III security officer on the premises can take away the desire for an individual to cause trouble or break the law. You may never know how many threats you avoided by hiring a licensed armed security officer from Tx2 Security. However, you can be assured that the mere presence of a professional armed security officer sends a clear message: You are prepared.

Commissioned Security Officers for Events and Businesses

Each event is a unique experience, and the commissioned security officers from Tx2 Security Group understand that. When you choose to have one or more of our security officers with firearms at your private, corporate, or other type of venue, you will work with us ahead of time to ensure proper security and safety measures have been taken.

Some of the more popular types of events ideally suited to having a trained, armed security guard from Tx2 on hand include:

  • Sporting Events: Small and large arenas can quickly become scenes for rowdiness and unacceptable behavior.
  • Corporate Event: Hosting a company event might require the professional security protection that only a licensed, armed security officer from Tx2 Security can provide.
  • Fundraisers: Need to ensure that your fundraiser runs smoothly? A commissioned security officer can maintain order and protect property and people.
  • Galas: Do you have an upcoming gala or private event scheduled? Get in touch with us immediately to secure a plain clothes Level IV security officer.
  • Political Gatherings: Politics can bring out people’s bad sides. If a political gathering gets out of hand, our security officers will be there to control the situation.
  • Weddings: From wedding crashers to inebriated guests, weddings can become chaotic without warning. Having a Level III security officer present makes a world of difference.
  • Concerts: Musical festivals and concerts have multiple points of entry and can involve crowds of thousands. Be ready for whatever the day or night brings by talking to Tx2 Security Group as you strategize about VIP and visitor safety.

Hire Armed Security Protection from Tx2 Security Group

Tx2 Security regularly provides bodyguards, residential security, event security, asset protection, and more for individuals considered high-net-worth. We have the capacity to act as plain clothes professional security guards to protect you and your assets. Protect your wealth and safety with a professional armed security officer trained in everything from threat assessments and parking lot security sweeps, to crowd control and emergency medical responses. Contact Tx2 Security Group for all your security needs.

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