Benefits of Having a Bodyguard

When you think about a personal security bodyguard, your mind might wander to high-profile business leaders or celebrities. However, bodyguards and personal protection officers aren’t just for the stars — they are for anyone who has safety concerns. According to the American Psychiatric Association, U.S. adults are becoming increasingly anxious. About 40% of adults ages 18 to 34 report that they are extremely anxious about keeping their family safe. Seeking bodyguard services can help alleviate some worries about health and safety.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 3.4 million people work in protective service occupations as of May 2018. Specifically, investigation and security services employ 740,760 people. Bodyguards act as extra eyes and ears to pay attention to everything going on. They are highly trained to read the people around you and determine their motives, ensure you have security strong enough for any situation and use surveillance and counter-surveillance measures. Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from a personal protection officer and bodyguard services for some extra safety and peace of mind.


What Do Bodyguards Do?

Bodyguards, private protection officers, security personnel — they all have one common goal, and that’s to keep you safe from harm. No matter what kind of dangers lie ahead, Tx2 Security Group specializes in personal protection and security consulting so that you’re protected in any situation. But what does a bodyguard do? Bodyguards are always multitasking, looking for potential security threats. Some of these tasks include staying prepared, assessing your strength of security, deterring crime, hearing and seeing everything and other various security tasks — just a few of the many reasons to hire a bodyguard.

1. Stay Prepared for Any Situation

Since anything can happen in the blink of an eye, bodyguards must think on their feet and stay ready for whatever comes next. They are trained to adapt to any situation — even the most unthinkable. Preparation includes planning. As part of their job, security personnel will likely do advance inspections for clients where they check a room, vehicle or building for any potential threats, like bugging equipment or weapons, before a client goes inside. It’s essential to clients that their bodyguards are versatile so that they can handle all circumstances with a clear, level head. Some cases might even call for disguises, for example. Bodyguards are no stranger to last-minute changes and can assume the role, ready for anything.

2. Assess Strength of Security

Going to work every day is part of your routine, so you most likely aren’t always thinking about ways to improve security measures around the building. Luckily, bodyguards and security guards do that for you. One of the bodyguard’s most essential roles is assessing the strength of security, whether it’s in an office, a school, a retail business or even your home. They look at any weak points — the security system, door locks and open windows, for example — where someone may cause potential harm. Bodyguards may give you tips or recommend additional products to protect against vulnerabilities. With a bodyguard, you can rest assured knowing you’re safe at work, home or school.

3. Deter Crime

When you’re hiring a bodyguard, you’re not just protecting yourself for when a crime occurs, but you’re also helping to prevent it altogether. Hiring security guards for your business, in particular, can deter crime since many people would think twice before stealing when there are professional guards at the entrance and exit. One study revealed that professional security guards can also increase new crime detection. Bodyguards are also extremely beneficial when traveling alone since attackers are less likely to target you with your security present. If your bodyguard is carrying a weapon, that alone will likely be enough to deter a potential attack. Don’t wait to seek bodyguard services until after an attack strikes — hire a bodyguard today to prevent crime from happening.

4. Hear and See Everything

Since bodyguards are always on high alert, they are incredibly observant and can hear and see virtually everything. Bodyguards may pick up on a conversation or even notice one person’s odd behavior in a large crowd since they’re trained to recognize dangerous situations. The average person might not know the signs of danger like a bodyguard or personal protection officer could, so this is just another reason to hire personal security. People lead busy lives, so having an extra pair of eyes and ears in any situation helps address and eliminate risk so you can stay safe and focus on your work.

5. Handle Other Security Tasks

In some instances, such as a business setting, bodyguards may also assume security guard roles. Some of these security guard companies could be checking for any property damages or changes in equipment, or reporting on daily activity. Security guard roles may include screening people as they enter an area, like visitors in a school or a business, to ensure that they don’t pose any potential threats. When bodyguards assume a security guard’s function, they may also need to check and adjust security systems regularly and warn others of any rules or violations on the premises if necessary. Because of a bodyguard’s versatility, they are extremely knowledgeable in various areas and know-how to provide top-quality protection.


Benefits of Having a Bodyguard or Personal Protection Officer

Now that you have an idea of just a few of the things bodyguards or personal protection officers do, it’s time to recognize how they can benefit you in your daily life. There are many advantages to having a bodyguard, such as speedy response time to any dangerous situations. Even if you’ve never considered hiring a bodyguard until now, you’ll see how their diverse skill set, surveillance services, excellent character judgment and overall protection can benefit you and give some peace of mind. If you’re still wondering, “Do I need a bodyguard?” consider the following benefits of having a bodyguard and see for yourself.

1. Quick Response Time

Every year in the U.S., people make about 240 million 9-1-1 calls. While some of these calls may not be life-threatening emergencies, many are. When you hire a bodyguard, you have a front line of defense with you wherever you go, whenever you need it. Although police work their hardest to get to the scene as quickly as possible, response times can make or break a dangerous situation. With a bodyguard, there’s no waiting. At Tx2 Security, all of the protection services officers are highly trained in combat, firearms and first aid. This way, you know that you have a skilled professional who could respond quickly to any dangerous situations that arise — just another one of many reasons to hire a personal protection officer.

2. Surveillance Services

In addition to combat, firearm and first aid training, professional bodyguards are also trained in surveillance and counter-surveillance. This training allows bodyguards to stay one step ahead, knowing everything they need to know to keep you safe. Some bodyguard services include private investigators, gathering research and evidence that will help them assess your situation. They monitor existing surveillance that’s set up and may even install additional cameras as an extra safety measure. If someone is blackmailing you, for example, you can trust personal bodyguard services to get to the bottom of it and find the culprit as a trained surveillance expert and private investigator. Surveillance services are also extremely valuable in other settings, like schools and businesses.

3. Diverse Skillset

Bodyguards are allowed to do what they feel is necessary to keep you safe, and they have multiple means of protection, demonstrated through their diverse skillset. Since bodyguards and personal protection officers are trained in combat, they are physically strong as well as mentally tough, ready for anything. Additionally, bodyguards know how to handle weapons and firearms, so they won’t freeze if they need to take action. If you do get hurt, your bodyguard will also know how to apply first aid so that you get immediate attention. With numerous methods of both physical and mental training, your bodyguard will have the expertise and skillset needed to respond appropriately to any situation.

4. Excellent Judge of Character

Even in a large crowd, bodyguards are scanning their eyes from person to person, searching for unusual or suspect body language or behavior that could pose a potential threat. Personal protection officers and bodyguards are trained to always be on the lookout for people with ulterior movies, which is especially helpful since the everyday person may not automatically think the same way. It’s easy to let your guard down sometimes, but security professionals are experts at reading people and always are on top of their guard. This skill helps your bodyguard protect you from potentially dangerous people and situations.

5. Peace of Mind

Bodyguards are ultimately there so you can spend less time worrying about your safety and more time getting work done and focusing on doing the things you love. Fear can eventually take hold of your life and keep you from doing the things you used to enjoy. You don’t have to face it alone. When you hire a bodyguard or personal protection officer, you’re saying no to letting fear control your life and have that extra means of protection, so you can finally breathe and have some peace of mind. In a business setting, hiring security guards or personal protection officers may even improve employee performance since they can focus on their job if they know they’re protected.


Who Needs a Bodyguard?

Traditionally, people might assume only the most elite, affluent people are the ones who usually need a bodyguard. However, many are realizing that they, too, could benefit from bodyguard services. People are moving away from the idea that only celebrities have bodyguards. If you’re a CEO or other business exec, run a school, are a general manager of a business, are getting out of a dangerous relationship or are in the public spotlight, you might need personal protection. If you fall into one of the following categories, boost your safety and security with a bodyguard.

1. CEOs and Execs

The BLS reports that a chief executive is one of the top ten highest paying occupations. A chief executive is predicted to make roughly $190,000 each year but could earn more depending on the business and where exactly they rank. With the money and power that comes with assuming a top executive role in a company also comes responsibility and potential threats.

If you’re an executive at a major company, your wealth could be the target of a robbery. Additionally, you might be responsible for firing employees at the company who may become disgruntled and pose a threat to yourself and others. In 2016, 66 of the total 500 workplace homicides were committed by a coworker or work associate, according to the BLS. If you’re in a prominent role at your job, consider hiring a bodyguard to protect yourself from those who may try to take advantage of you in your position or could potentially be dangerous.

2. Businesses

If you work in a business where you sell valuables and handle money, you may be compromising your safety if you don’t have a personal protection officer or bodyguard. According to the National Retail Federation, lost inventory due to theft, error, shoplifting or fraud — also known as shrink — accounted for $46.8 billion worth of lost retail sales in 2017.

However, the lost product isn’t the most significant thing to worry about. If you work with money, you’re also susceptible to robberies, which accounted for 152 of 500 workplace homicides in 2016, according to the BLS. Even in large non-retail businesses, bodyguards are useful to prevent access to secure areas of the building to avoid breaches of top-secret information. Bodyguards are extremely useful for both retail businesses and large corporations alike.

3. People Escaping a Relationship Gone Bad

More than one in three women and more than one in four men in the U.S. have experienced physical violence, rape or stalking by an intimate partner, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you’ve just gotten out of a relationship gone wrong or have previously been a victim of domestic abuse, hire a professional protection officer to keep you safe from your abusive ex-partner. Domestic violence can include physical assault, emotional or psychological abuse, sexual violence, threats or other abusive behaviors.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline also reports that more than 12 million women and men will be victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the U.S. every year. Walking away from this situation can be extremely scary, but you don’t have to do it alone when you have additional protection. If you are escaping a relationship that ended on bad terms or are a victim of domestic abuse, hire a bodyguard.

4. People in the Public Spotlight

While celebrities and other major figures are accustomed to being in the spotlight, maybe you ended up in a situation where you’re facing increased public attention that you’re not used to. Whether you witnessed a serious crime or won the lottery jackpot, you want to protect yourself and your identity, if possible, in these situations. However, you may not have the option to remain anonymous.

If you won the lottery, you could become an easy target for robbers. Protect yourself and your winnings by hiring a bodyguard. If you witnessed a crime, a bodyguard could help keep you safe until the trial is over and the perpetrator is convicted. In any instance of unwanted sudden public attention, personal protection officers or bodyguards can offer protective services.

5. Schools

If you want to boost protection in your school, consider investing in security services. Students and staff should be able to come to school and focus on learning and working without worrying about compromising their safety. According to the 2018 Indicators of School Crime and Safety report, there were about 827,000 total victimizations among students ages 12 through 18 in school during 2017. Victimization refers to theft or any other violent but nonfatal victimization.

The report, conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics, adds that in 2017, about 4% of high school students reported carrying a weapon like a knife, gun or club at school within the last 30 days. Protection officers provide the extra security your school may need to keep students safe and keep the focus on learning.


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