Personal Protection Services

Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) are much more than a large man in a suit with dark sunglasses leading a celebrity to their car. Although that’s what the media portrays, PPO services are for anyone who feels threatened, or has a concern about their personal safety. Whether you want to hire a PPO for an event, a time when you’re traveling, or even just day-to-day errands, TX2 Security Group can help keep you safe.

All PPOs at TX2 Security Group possess a certain set of skills that will ensure your safety no matter where you are. Our highly-trained staff can:

  • See and hear everything going on
  • Assess the strength of your security
  • Read people around you and assess their motives
  • Engage in surveillance and counter-surveillance measures

Who Needs a Personal Protection Officer?

In today’s climate, many people, corporations, and companies can benefit from PPO and personal bodyguard services. For those in the spotlight, and even those perceiving a threat to their families, religion, or race, a Personal Protection Officer can keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

Some common situations that call for a personal bodyguard for hire include:

  • A high-profile business meeting
  • Termination meetings
  • Transportation of valuable assets
  • Any time children face a potential kidnapping situation
  • A celebrity meeting or dinner
  • Attending an event in a large performance space
  • Going to a place where there will be aggressive paparazzi

When you hire a Personal Protection Officer from TX2 Security Group, we make sure to tailor our style based on what you’re looking for. If you’re an executive traveling for an important meeting, we’ll do an initial sweep of the meeting space and drive you to and from the meeting location. On the other hand, if you’re traveling with kids and think there could be a potential threat, we’ll design safe travel routes and react quickly to any emergency situation.

Hire a Personal Protection Officer

You can trust TX2 Security Group to keep you safe no matter where you are. We provide discreet protection backed by years of experience to help you feel confident in the team working for you. TX2 Security Group ownership have had real world experience in the law enforcement sector that is invaluable. Cody Chatagnier served on the protection detail at the Texas Governor’s Mansion as well as at the Texas State Capitol. David Rodriguez served as a staff sergeant for the Executive Protection Detail assigned to Governor Rick Perry during his presidential bid. They use their invaluable skills and experiences to mentor and train their staff to function at the highest level.

If you think you could benefit from hiring Personal Protection Officers, choose TX2 Security Group. Contact us today for a security assessment and begin your relationship with the premier security firm in Texas.