As former Texas State Troopers, we have had extensive emergency response training and have actively been involved in emergency evacuations and security in response to natural disasters and human threat. We have also been members of Crisis and Disaster Management Teams.  We are able to formulate an Emergency Operations Plan catered to your specific facility and organization to assist you in keeping yourself and your personnel safe in a time of chaos and stress.

Benefits of having an emergency operation plan in order include:

  • Improves employee confidence
  • Empowers employees to use safety equipment
  • Improves reaction time
  • Helps employees remain calm and level-headed
  • Shows employees you appreciate them and have confidence in their abilities

At Tx2 Security Group, we offer expert services in private security, investigations, personal protection, consulting, training and emergency operations planning in Texas. We want our clients to be as prepared as possible for whatever threat presents itself, and our mission is to provide you with peace in a world that is full of unknowns. To learn more about our emergency operations planning and other professional services, please get in contact with our team today.