Tx2 Security Group is the premier security service provider to Texas. Whether you’re a high-profile individual in need of protective services, or you’re in need of a private investigator, our team of officers is rigorously trained to meet your needs and keep you and your assets safe and secure. We offer both armed and unarmed security services, and all of our officers are trained in a variety of skills that are meant to de-escalate high stakes situations. Professional, courteous, and alert, each one of our officers is prepared to seamlessly integrate into your existing security measures or to develop and execute security protocols that are tailored to your unique needs.

  1. The Importance of First Aid

    The Importance Of First Aid

    At Tx2 Security Group, we’re more than happy to offer you the private investigation and armed and unarmed security services you need in Texas, but we also recognize that sometimes you might find yourself in a situation in which our security officers are not there to help you. In these circumstance…Read More

  2. Most Common Causes of Data Security Breaches

    Most Common Causes of Data Security Breaches

    As technology develops, accessing information digitally has become easier than ever. There is hardly a day that passes without a new story about data security breaches occurring all over the world. Whether it is a professional spy attempting to steal important information or a hacker seeking attenti…Read More